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Baoku Liu, L.Ac, Ph.D is a licensed acupuncturist and pioneer of scar tissue acupuncture therapy, and has been practicing in New York for over 30 years.


Dr. Liu's novel myofascial Scar Tissue Acupuncture Release Technique (START) has alleviated the pain and discomfort for thousands of patients throughout his career. His distinct treatment method is based on extensive research of a combination of traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, and extensive anatomical knowledge. He believes the key to treating the body is to understand every part of the body, through traditional and modern medical lenses.


Dr. Liu graduated in 1988 with a concentration in orthopedics and sports injuries. After graduating, Dr. Liu started his practice at the Jilin Hospital of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine where he specialized in spinal pathologies.


Dr. Liu is currently the vice secretary and managing director of the board of directors of the Professional Committee of TCM Acupuncture Technique of WFCMS, Vice President of Specialty Committee for Soft Tissue Injury of WFCMS, Member of Work Council for Acupuncture Inheritance. In his spare time, Dr. Liu enjoys lecturing and hosting workshops in TCM conferences around the world, cooking, photography, traveling with his family, and constantly learning to hone his craft.


We are dedicated to creating the best experience we can to help you achieve your healing goals.

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