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What Is Acupuncture And How Does It Work? 

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medical technique that involves inserting sterile stainless steel needles into the treatment area with the goal of providing pain relief and healing. Dr. Liu has perfected his technique of releasing tension caused by physical stagnation (i.e scar tissue, impingement, fascia tightness). The needle elicits the body's natural twitch response which resets the treatment area which improves circulation and releases musculoskeletal/neural tension. 

What Is The Course of Treatment?

On your first visit, Dr. Liu will discuss your condition, then examine you and decide which areas will respond best to acupuncture. As treatment begins, acupuncture needles are inserted in the source and trajectory of symptoms in order to stimulate a response. The effects of this can range from releasing endorphins to controlling nerve impulses. The needles will stay in from a few minutes to up to 20 minutes depending on your condition and the initial treatment will last approximately an hour.

After a personal treatment protocol has been determined, the duration of your care can be broken down into three phases as follows:

RELIEF > The chief complaint is addressed and the bodily imbalance is reset. Two treatments per week may provide the greatest symptom relief and the best results during this phase.

BOLSTERING  > These treatments provide continued reduction of symptoms and associated discomfort and may be less frequent than the relief phase.

TUNE-UP  > These visits occur monthly, or as needed, to maintain improvements and encourage further gains.

What Are Dr. Liu’s Credentials? 

Dr. Liu has his Masters in Acupuncture and Ph.D. in Herbology. Throughout his 30-year career, Dr. Liu has studied Western pathophysiology of internal and external conditions extensively to better help his patients on their healing journey. His marriage of Western and Eastern Medicine is what set Dr. Liu has clocked in more than 300 hours of cadaver studies at his alma mater and medical schools throughout China - returning every summer to hone his craft and visualize the physical effects acupuncture has on the human body from every therapeutic depth. Dr. Liu has also traveled all across China from big cities to small villages to follow the teachings of renowned acupuncturists and herbalists to make sure the healing properties of each needle insertion and herbal prescription are shared to his patients.

What Insurances Do We Take?

  • Empire United Healthcare BCBS

  • Empire BCBS (PPO, HMO, EPO, etc) 

  • Healthfirst 

  • Wellcare 

  • Cigna 

  • Aetna 

  • United Healthcare 

  • 1199 

  • Agewell 

  • Elderplan 

  • Senior Whole Health 

  • Tivity Health 

  • Village Health Max

Please note that insurance companies do not guarantee payment and benefits begin when pre-requests (i.e deductibles) have been met. 


How Much Are The Sessions? 

The price of the session varies depending on treatment and typically falls in the $150-300 range depending on additional services. Package deals for treatment only are available upon request. Please contact our staff at (212) 397-8988 for questions relating to pricing and insurance benefits.

How Long Are The Treatments?

The initial evaluation is around 1 hour. 

Follow-up appointments are around 45 minutes.

Please note time may vary depending on the review of your health history/physical examination.

Does Dr. Liu Treat Other Conditions Other Than Scar Tissue Conditions?

While Dr. Liu specializes in treating orthopedic/neurological-based scar tissue conditions, he is renowned and not limited to other common conditions listed below: 


  • Scar tissue release in fascia/soft tissue due to injury/surgery/overuse from sports, work, lifestyle

  • Disc Herniation or disc-related conditions

  • Spinal Stenosis/general spine degeneration and related radiating symptoms (i.e numbness and tingling) 

  • Arthritis/general joint degeneration and associated pain 

  • Tech Neck (i.e neck tension with associated headache, foggy-headed, tension, and discomfort) 

  • General pain from acute or chronic injury or overuse 

  • General musculoskeletal pain and tightness (i.e neck tension with radiating headaches)

  • Migraines 

  • Digestive/gastrointestinal concerns 

  • Low energy, feeling ill or off despite being “healthy” on paper 

  • Multiple or blend of ortho, neuro, or any of the aforementioned concerns - chronic or acute 


Dr. Liu is also passionate about treating patients with medical stress from being unable to find relief through conventional and unconventional treatments. 


Will I Need To Take Herbs? 

Depending on your condition, Dr. Liu may prescribe herbs in conjunction with acupuncture to bolster the treatment. Each herbal prescription is personalized and modified based on your symptoms. Herbs are natural and powerful in treating the body from the inside out. 


Dr. Liu also specializes in Chinese herbs and his personalized herbal prescriptions have treated chronic and acute ailments for thousands of patients to further bolster his treatment techniques.


What Does Dr. Liu’s Unique Technique Feel Like? 

The sensations vary from patient to patient, but many have described Dr. Liu’s treatment as “physically cathartic.” When the needles are inserted, patients typically feel a deep pressure, muscular response (naturally twitching response), and/or a rush from released myofascial tissue. Depending on your condition(s), your body will feel internally reset and loosened up after the session. Make sure to take it easy, stay hydrated, and take a nice warm shower after the treatment to let your body heal naturally. Many patients come in during work breaks to recharge as well so schedule an appointment time that is right for you. 

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