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We Pinpoint the Root Cause
to Release Your Pain
and Heal You Naturally


Scar Tissue Acupuncture believes that no treatment is complete until the root cause has been addressed. This scientific approach to Traditional Chinese Medicine is central to Dr. Baoku Liu’s
e treatment model. 

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Scar Tissue Acupuncture exists at the juncture of traditional Chinese medicine and modern science, which allows for a uniquely effective approach to curative medicine. Dr. Boaku Liu combines the diagnostic tools of western medicine – X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans – with the holistic, whole-body approach of eastern medicine, to treat and heal every part of the body, naturally.


Myofascial Scar Tissue Release
Post-Surgical Scar Tissue

Chronic Overuse Scar Tissue

Digestive/Abdominal Scar Tissue

Sprains/Strains/​Sports Injuries

Neuropathy/Nerve Impingement

Acute/Chronic Shoulder Pain

Disc/Joint/Foraminal Degeneration of the Spine

Lumbar Disc Herniation

Acute/Chronic Lower Back Pain

Acute/Chronic Neck Pain ​

​Bowel and Bladder Disorders

​Fatigue, Tiredness, Brain Fog


​Women's and Men's Health


​Emotional Disorders

​TMJ Disorders (Jaw and Ear)



Extensive Health Cases: Combination of Multiple Symptoms/Diagnoses/Unknown Diagnoses 
Complex Cases Welcome!


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 When used correctly and consistently, the  comb can relieve stress, anxiety, and insomnia

Our combs are made from ethically sourced Red Sandalwood using traditional Chinese craftsmanship. 

The teeth of the comb are specifically designed to apply pressure along acupoints on the scalp as you comb through your hair. Repetitive combing releases tension along the scalp and stimulates blood circulation, which allows the scalp meridians to flow freely. By brushing their scalp for 25 seconds before bed, our patients have found immense relief with stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It is advised to brush until the scalp feels warm and tingling for best results.

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